Rebekah and Joel Schneider-Farris

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Skating Accomplishments

Rebekah and Joel Schneider-Farris

Joel and Rebekah Schneider-Farris hope to work hard and be the best they can be at figure skating.

Joel and Rebekah Featured on IceNetwork!

Joel and Rebekah Schneider-Farris 2007 Colorado Springs Invitational Ice Dance Champions

In 2008, they competed in the United States Junior National Figure Skating Championships in both pairs and ice dancing.  They hoped to qualify for the final round in at least one of the events they entered, and did!  They made it to the finals in ice dancing.  Their free dance received one of the highest technical scores in the event. 
In 2009, they placed 2nd in ice dancing and 3rd in pairs at the Midwestern Figure Skating Championships.  They went on to "junior nationals" and won the silver medal in ice dancing!

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Skating Accomplishments

2010 U.S Junior Figure Skating Championships
  • 8th Place Intermediate Dance
2010 Midwestern Figure Skating Championships
  • 4th Place Intermediate Dance

2009 U.S Junior Figure Skating Championships

  • 2nd Place Juvenile Dance
  • 9th Place Juvenile Pairs
2009 Midwestern Sectional Figure Skating Championships
  • 2nd Place Juvenile Dance
  • 3rd Place Juvenile Pairs
2008 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships
  • 2nd Place Compulsory Juvenile Dance Group B

2008 INDY Challenge for Pairs

  • 4th Place Juvenile Pairs
2008 Junior National Figure Skating Championships
  • 5th Juvenile Dance Group B - Qualified for the Finals!
  • 11th Juvenile Pairs Group B
  • 7th in the Free Dance Final Round
  • 11th Overall (out of 36 teams total) - Juvenile Dance Final
2007 Colorado Springs  Invitational - Gold Medal Winners in Every Ice Dancing Event Entered!
  • Hickory Hoedown - 1st Place
  • 14-Step - 1st Place
  • Swing Dance - 1st Place
  • Juvenile Free Dance - 1st Place

Competitors, 2007 Lake Placid Dance Championships

2007 Southwestern Pre-Juvenile Dance Champions

Both Joel and Rebekah have passed several U.S. Figure Skating  tests:

  • Intermediate Pair Test (Joel)
  • Novice Pair Test (Rebekah)
  • Intermediate Free Dance Test  
  • Intermediate Moves in the Field Test (Joel)
  • Novice Moves in the Field Test (Rebekah)
  • Intermediate Freeskating Test (Rebekah AND Joel)
  • Bronze Dance Test, Two Pre-Silver Dances


Figure skating is a very expensive sport.  If you'd like to help Joel and Rebekah Schneider-Farris with their figure skating training and expenses, you can do so by clicking on this link.  Thank you SO MUCH and Happy Skating!