Rebekah and Joel Schneider-Farris

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Photo Album

Some great photos of Joel and Rebekah Schneider-Farris are included on this page.

Rebekah and Joel Schneider-Farris - Swing Dance 2007 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships

Swing Dance - 2007 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships

In these photos, Joel and Rebekah perform the Swing Dance and the 14-Step in 2007.

Rebekah and Joel Schneider-Farris

The Fourteenstep - Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships 2007

Joel and Rebekah Schneider-Farris

2007 Southwestern Pre-Juvenile Dance Champions

Joel and Rebekah began ice dancing together in 2004.  They began to work towards competing at the Pre-Juvenile Dance level.  In 2006, after much work, the children won the 2007 Southwestern Pre-Juvenile Dance title.  It was an exciting competitiion.  Six teams from different states participated.  Joel and Rebekah were awarded first place rankings from all the judges.

Joel and Rebekah Schneider-Farris

Joel and Rebekah's costumes were designed by one of their ice dance coaches, Tiffany Hyden-Dombeck.

2006 Colorado Springs Invitational - Multi-Medal Winners

At the 2006 Colorado Springs Invitational,  Joel and Rebekah medaled in several events!  

Figure skating is a very expensive sport.  If you'd like to help Joel and Rebekah Schneider-Farris with their figure skating training and expenses, you can do so by clicking on this link.  Thank you SO MUCH and Happy Skating!