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The JUMP-SPIN Skating Academy


Welcome to The JUMP-SPIN Skating Academy!

We offer high quality skating instruction.  Whether you wish to just learn to skate for exercise and recreation or become a champion, we offer a program to suit your needs!

The JUMP-SPIN Skating Academy offers top quality instruction in basic skating, advanced figure and free skating, ice hockey skating skills, pair skating, ice dancing, choreography, ice ballet, and recreational in-line skating and in-line figure skating.

We offer private and group lessons at Honnen Ice Arena at Colorado College, Sertich Ice Center, Colorado Springs World Arena, Colorado Sports Center in Monument, and also in Denver.
Additionally, In-line skating instruction is given at different parks in the Colorado Springs and Denver area.


Our motto is that we can teach you to do anything on skates!

Maybe you will be able to do a Triple Salchow someday!
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The JUMP-SPIN Skating Academy headquarters* 935 Saturn Drive #208* Colorado Springs, Colorado * US * 80906 * 719-527-1015